Shoestring Budget, Big Impact:
How to Affordably Grow Your Fashion Brand with Social Media, Influencer Marketing, and PR

13 December 9am PST/ 8pm MSK
Nadya Rousseau Founder/CEO, Alter New Media | Writer & Producer
Alter New Media has the tools, resources, and built-in network to uplift and propel clients to the next level, while never forsaking the "why" that drives their missions forward.
Led by social entrepreneur and social media expert Nadya Rousseau, the Alter New Media team understands that #winning can only come from thinking outside the box–while also being on top of the latest digital trends. Nadya's company was a marketing partner to launch the established fashion/tech conference Fashinnovation in 2018 and has also worked with numerous fashion brands and apps, including a new digital wardrobe application, OpenWardrobe.
Coming up with the idea for and then designing your fashion brand is already a lot of work. Add marketing to the mix, and you don't just become overwhelmed but discouraged by the potential investment. The good news is that strategies and approaches to marketing are effective and don't have to break the bank. These approaches are especially beneficial to fashion designers and others in creative industries.
  • This presentation teaches how to strategically approach social media, influencer marketing, and PR to keep costs down and growth high.
  • Presented by Nadya Rousseau, founder and CEO of global marketing and PR agency Alter New Media, the information provided will be dynamic, fresh, and immediately executable.
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13 December 9am PST/ 8pm MSK
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