The fashion industry in the UAE

The fashion industry in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is rapidly growing and has significant influence in the Middle East region. The UAE, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are important fashion hubs, hosting professional events and international fashion shows.

There are numerous shopping malls, boutiques, and designer stores in the UAE that offer a wide range of fashion brands. Many major global designers have their stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, and others. Additionally, the UAE showcases stores by local designers who create unique collections infused with traditional Arab styles.

The UAE organizes a number of fashion events that attract international attention. For example, Dubai Fashion Week is one of the significant events where local and international designers showcase their collections. This event attracts fashion brands, models, journalists, and buyers from around the world.
The UAE is also renowned for its luxurious fashion hotels and resorts. Many of them offer stores of well-known brands right within the hotel, making shopping a part of the appealing experience for tourists.

The fashion industry in the UAE is also actively developing in the online sphere. On average, online lags behind many other countries, but this is the whole charm - as there is still an opportunity to take your place under the sun. Starting online sales, work is underway immediately for the entire Middle East.
Now is the period of active development of the industry and there are many hubs and accelerators, there are a number of state programs that support fashion. And all, without exception, in search of unique names, with their own sounding DNA.

The abundance of available fabrics and accessories, factories ready to work with different quantities and ease of communication with India, Pakistan, China and other countries have a beneficial effect on the development of the industry.

Overall, the fashion industry in the UAE continues to grow and become increasingly influential on an international scale.

So, as a result of our tour, we launched the process of bringing the brand from the US to the UAE market. We will keep you informed about the processes and outcomes.
Viktoriia Zolotova