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to 11/01/21

What is the Fashionovation Acceleration Program?

Is a step-by-step program for aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry - fashionpreneurs (designers, fashion projects, and services), which:
The outcome of the program:

The defined audience, mission, positioning, competitors of your brand;

Clear strategy and plan for your growth;

Identified physical and digital sales channels;

Launch or growth in sales.
Provides the tools and mindset you need to build, grow and scale your business
Opens the doors to the global fashion business community
Helps to make and increase sales, including releasing your NFT
Teaches tools available in the physical world, web 2.0 and web 3.0
A chance to present your project to mentors and investors, to win a prize pool of $ 3000, and other prizes from partners
you can apply for a grant in our accelerator.
If you for some reason can not afford full tuition,
In each cohort, we allocate several free seats, seats with 70%, 50%, 30% discounts.
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